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New Unreleased Bad Planet Tracks Available On Our Youtube Channel

We have two unreleased tracks by Bad Planet that you can listen too on our Youtube channel, If you fancy a listen just hit the link …. Unreleased tracks on the SUB HZ Label Youtube channel …

Take It easy

New Twisted Velvet Deep/ Tech House Mix 2016

Threw together a quick deep house / tech house dj mix for ya !!!! you can check it out here, Twisted Velvet DJ.



We've uploaded a Drum N Bass mix from 2014 by The Dark Arts, It's been cut down to around 40 mins so it's not to long for streaming purposes, we might release more of the mix over the next few months. You can check it out here …. T.D.A. DJ MIX ..

Finally Back & Sorry !

After a 5 year absence SUB HZ is finally back in 2016 & we are never going away again….. We are sorry that we disappeared suddenly all those years ago & just as we seemed to be getting going as a label as well.
Anyway we are back now & looking forward to the next few years creating some great music & mixes for you all to enjoy !

Thanks & Sorry
Take It Easy !

New DNB from Pentadrop @ SUHZ

Pentadrop has new releases available on the SUB HZ Label, Tremor & Night Vision are latest tracks from the Pentadrop catalogue.

Check em out !!

T.D.A. Latest Releases .

Check out the latest Drum N Bass releases from The Dark Arts (T.D.A.) available now @ SUB HZ….


Sub Hz has been re-designed & updated for it's latest relaunch, you can now buy wav files of your favourite tracks & enjoy some of the new features.
We have some new artists including T.D.A. aka The Dark Arts bringing their new Drum & Bass sounds to the label !

We hope you enjoy the new site & continue to enjoy the new music & mixes that will be appearing through out the coming months ….

Thanks for visiting SUB HZ !